Monday, August 17th, 2009

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Operation Letters To Santa

We wish to extend very special thanks to everybody who donated to Operation Letters To Santa during each Christmas season. Your generosity allowed us to answer letters to Santa from many children and families in need. Your donations purchased warm clothing; mainly coats, scarves and mittens, small toys and stocking stuffers for each child’s Christmas stocking. We thank you!

There are many ways that you can become involved in Operation Santa Claus. Anyone can participate — individuals, families, groups of co-workers, congregations, businesses, civic organizations, etc. You can obtain letters through the United States Post Office and fulfill a child’s, or children’s holiday wish list by sending them toys, warm clothing or gift cards. Remember that you are responsible for all shipping costs. Please see our tips page here.

If you do not have time to shop, have a limited budget or other concerns, your gracious donation will allow us to do the shopping, gift wrapping and shipping in your stead. Please consider a contribution of any amount as this helps us to bring Christmas to more children each year.  All donations are used to purchase gifts such as warm clothing, toys, personal care items, school needs, gift wrap, gift cards and pay for shipping.

Please help Operation Santa answer more “Dear Santa” letters from needy children this Christmas.

Donate to Operation Letters To Santa - Help us answer more "Dear Santa" letters from needy children this Christmas

Other ways to support Operation Santa Claus

  • Begin a chapter of Operation Santa Claus in your community. Enlist the aid and support of individuals, businesses and civic organizations, boy and girl scouts, church groups, etc. It is a wonderful way to come together during the holidays to share your gifts with others who are less fortunate than you.
  • Donate a toy. Find local toy drives and organizations that support children in need. Your local television and radio stations should have this information readily available to you.
  • Volunteer. Make a difference in your community by helping to collect, sort, wrap and distribute gifts to children and classrooms. Contact your local toy drive for more information.
  • Link to Operation Letters To Santa. Help promote Operation Letters To Santa by linking to us from your website or blog. Read more here. We have also provided “Subscribe” and “Bookmark” buttons at the top and bottom of each page so that you can easily return to Santa’s website.
  • Plan an Operation Santa Claus Party. Add an extra dimension to your annual office party or holiday get-together by asking everybody to bring an unwrapped toy or gift card as a donation for your local toy drive.


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